Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is blogger and how you can create a blogger blog?

What is Blogger?

According to the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, Blogger is:
"A Web site launched in 1999 from Pyra Labs, San Francisco, CA (www.blogger.com) that provides the tools for creating blogs (Weblogs). After users select a pre-designed template or create one with their look and feel, every posting entered on Blogger is published to the Blogger page on their Web site automatically. In early 2003, Blogger was acquired by Google."

So, in simple terms, Blogger is a free site where you can make blogs (a kind of sites) where you can write about everything you want - from personal life to discussing about your political views, or relating your experience in a topic of interest.

How to create a blogger blog?

Go to Blogger.com homepage and hit the "Create your blog" button.

how to create blogger blog

Log into your Gmail account by providing your Gmail username and password, then press the "Sign in" button

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Next, you will need to Confirm your profile and decide whether you're going to use a Google+ profile or stick with a limited Blogger profile. After you decided which profile you want to use, click the 'Continue to Blogger' button.

Your account has been now connected with Blogger. To continue creating your Blogger blog, simply click the "New Blog" button.

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This will bring up a pop-up window where we need to add the blog title and the URL of our new blog, then choose a template (the Simple template is easier to customize, so I recommend you to choose this one). After adding this information, click on the "Create Blog!" button.

And you're done creating your Blogger blog! Now, you can start blogging and become a successful blogger. Enjoy!

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